Your 2% help us open the door to(wards) those who need it

Dear our friends and supporters!

This year, too, we are asking you to support our activities through your 2% (or 3%) share of the tax paid.

Your contributions help stand on their own feet to people who have found themselves in need for various reasons. We help them with regular food aid, which is covered by the project "Magic Table", on one hand, but a key element of our help is basic social counseling, in which social workers together with clients look for the essence of their problems and steps for improvement.

Become a part of the DOMA project and donate your share of the tax paid to the recipient, who is the founder of Doma u Kapucínov:

Name: Slovenská provincia rádu menších bratov kapucínov
Address/Seat: Župné nám. 10, 814 99 Bratislava
IČO: 00599107
Legal form: Účelové zariadenie cirkvi a náboženskej spoločnosti

Here you will find a filled in Statement on the remittance of the share of paid personal income tax (Statement).

Important dates for donating 2 % (3 %):

Until 31 March 2021: Filing of tax returns by taxpayers who file a tax return (natural persons and legal entities that do not have a postponement of the deadline for filing a tax return) - in this case, the Statement is already part of the tax return.

Until 30 April 2021: Sending Statements by employees for whom the employer performs annual tax settlement (the employee also sends a Tax Payment Confirmation in addition to the Statement).

Description of steps for employees:

1. By 15 February, ask your employer to make an annual settlement of income tax advances and to issue a Tax Payment Confirmation (Confirmation).

2. Fill in the Statement on the remittance of the share of paid personal income tax (Statement). Enter your name, birth number, residence and an amount corresponding to 2% (3%) of the tax paid.

3. If you worked for at least 40 hours as a volunteer in 2020, you have an opportunity to donate 3% of the tax - ask the organization for which you worked as a volunteer for confirmation of this work.

4. By 30 April at the latest, deliver the completed Statement together with the Employer's Confirmation and the confirmation of volunteering to the tax office according to your place of residence.


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