About Us

All who go through rough time in their life, can find safe haven at the Capuchins. Those who come, will find encouragement and determination to start again on a road of searching and finding their own dignity. We help these peopple to achieve this in a specific way by creating great opportunity to satisfy their basic life needs but we also offer professional help in solving their problems. It is our desire to create a space where those who need us, will feel like at HOME.

Our team

Br. Miroslav Kulich

Capuchin, responsible for the project

Barbora Ďuricová

Social Assistance Coordinator and Guaranty for Social Counselling

Kristína Simonová Tapalágová

Social worker

František Smolík

Social worker and volunteer coordinator

Filip Janči

social worker

Veronika Barošová

Packagers Coordinator

Michal Kortiš

PR and Communication

Martin Gazda

Deliverers Coordinator

Beáta Miklošová

Coordinator for schools

Vilma Kozánková

Storers Coordinator

Ľuboš Adamus

Foods delivery

Michal Frčo

Foods delivery

Kristína Hollá

Foods delivery

Stanislav Kročka

Foods delivery

Eduard Rehuš

Foods delivery

Simona Žáčiková

Foods delivery

Peter Tarabus

Foods delivery

Viera Vranková

Foods delivery

Peter Stahl

Foods delivery

Where can you find us?

We reside in the center of Bratislava, the address is Doma u Kapucínov, n.o. Župné námestie 592/10, 811 03 Bratislava 1

Do you want to help with us?

Thank you, we appreciate your help and goodwill. You have several options how to help us:

Donate foods to us. When the church is open, non-perishable food can be dropped off (e.g. sugar, flour, oil, legumes, pasta, rice, canned goods, tea) into the container in the confessional hall in front of the sacristy.

Become our volunteer.

You can register here.

Donate money to us, we shall buy with them foods and necessary items for our clients.

I want to donate

Connect with us also through social networks

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