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After we said goodbye to Veronika Klára Endrychová in November, a new social worker, Adriana Šidíková, took her place from February 1, 2023.

She told us about herself:

"I have been interested in the social field since the high school, but only marginally. I was interested in how learning disabilities affect lives of families, how they affect socialization of children; how to deal with it and how to prevent learning disabilities. In addition to my job, I studied social work. I devoted both final theses to this issue. I participated and still participate in various professional conferences, I try to continue in education in the social field. I worked as a conflict guardian, as well as a curator for the social protection of children and a social guardian. I also gathered experience in other workplaces as a social worker, and I want to use this knowledge effectively in counseling and expand this information with the help of clients. I am convinced that we enrich each other."

Dear Adriana, may you work well and progress at our DOMA!

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