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What is The Magic Table?

The Magic Table (Stolček, prestri sa) is an activity by which we regularly help to people in need in a form of giving non-perishable foods, such as rice, flour, pasta, sugar, oil, cans, coffee, tea, cocoa and others. Together we thus create an always set table, where there is enough room and food for those who feel the lack of it.

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To whom do we help in this way?

Mostly to families which found themselves in a financial need but also to individuals living on their own. Help is provided in a personal way, it begins by a talk with a client. Thus those to whom we help can start making real steps and solve their difficult situation. If a solution is not possible in a short term or doesn't exist at all, then our food aid is really a charity activity. If a solution is found, then it is only a temporary support. Also a situation can happen when a food aid ends because a client has a solution available for his situation but he does nothing for it.

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How can you donate foods to us?

Simply. It is enough if during an ordinary shopping you buy few kilos of foods more and bring them to the reception room of the Capuchin monastery. Every working day between 16:00 - 18:00 and 18:30 - 20:00 the reception room is open and we are ready to accept your food gifts to our storage. The entrance is situated from a side of a bus stop Zochova.

You can also place foods to a marked box/chest in a confession hall of the church at the sacristy door every day in time of morning and evening worships.

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How does the collection work?

After receiving foods into a storage and their exact recording we package them into packs according needs of families or individuals to whom we help. Then we drive them to the households. Current capacities let us deliver packages once a month.

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I know a family/an individual to whom the foods would help. What can I do?

Be sensitive to your neighborhood, mainly to those, with which you meet more often. Exactly these people often don't ask for help themselves, because they think that others can be even in a worse situation. Many times however they go through a difficult time when they give the last food to children with a feeling of helplessness about tomorrow. It is our priority to help exactly to such people, because they are people who fight, who need very little to stand up on their own feet. Tell us about them. By email or by phone at 0910 852 093.

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Why is the collection named after a fairytale?

Next interesting information about the collection and also from where we drew the inspiration you can find at this article.

Do you need help?

In case you or anybody from your relatives or friends found yourself in a difficult life situation from different reasons, let us know. You can do it by email or by phone at

0910 852 093

We shall be looking for a solution together.

Do you want to help with us?

Thank you, we appreciate your help and goodwill. You have several options how to help us:

Donate foods to us. Every working day from 16:00 - 20:00 we accept non-perishable foods (flour, oil, sugar, legumes, cans, pasta, tea, etc.) at the reception room of the Capuchin monastery (the entrance is situated opposite a bust stop Zochova).

Become our volunteer.

You can register here.

Donate money to us, we shall buy with them foods and necessary items for our clients.

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