„The Magic Table“ in 2022

In 2022, the non-perishable food collection "The Magic Table" already celebrated its eighth birthday. And that's also thanks to you - who persistently bring food. And also thanks to the volunteers who prepare packages and deliver them to households every month.

Last year, we packed and delivered a total of 755 packages, which represented almost 8 tons of durable food and drugstore goods. The number of households we helped varied over the course of the year, ranging from 58 to 69 households per month (63 on average). We thus helped to improve the situation of around 82 adults and 57 children per month.

Are you wondering what was in the packages and which items were in the biggest quantity? The first place was occupied by milk, we had 1062 liters. It was followed by rice (758 kg), flour (742 kg), sugar (625 kg), pasta (615 kg). But there were also legumes, preserves, canned food, salt, sweets, honey, coffee, tea, cocoa and many other foods. From the drugstore, there were washing and cleaning products, shampoos and shower gels, soap, fabric softener...

If you are interested in this activity, we invite you to join it. You can bring non-perishable food and basic drugstore goods to the Capuchin Church in Bratislava, where a marked container is prepared in the confessional hall in front of the sacristy. You can also organize a collection at your workplace or school. Let us know and we will guide you in the organization.

We thank you for everything and look forward to mutual cooperation and enrichment!

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