Conversation is the foundation

At the beginning of our work with a client, there is an interview during which we try to find out what is bringing him to us. We offer him unconditional acceptance, because we want DOMA to become a place where a client can feel safe. And what next? We have already written about the food aid many times, but it is less known that our aid does not end with food.

We primarily provide social counseling to clients. We are helpful in matters of accommodation, job search, writing a CV or preparing for an interview. We educate clients in the field of financial and computer literacy, we teach them how to deal with a budget and we work with the debt relief process. We also help with filling out various applications and confirmations, we accompany them to offices or to doctors. If it is in the client's interest, we also communicate with other organizations. We also work with elderly and the seriously ill clients.

And how did the year 2022 look like in numbers?

- We registered 35 new clients;

- We helped one client with two minor children to get a municipal rental apartment;

- We dealt with the topic of work with 15 clients;

- 4 clients were employed through the "DuK - Employment Support" project;

- 8 clients used educational activities;

- We helped 8 clients in handling the institute of personal bankruptcy;

- We solved legal issues with 3 clients;

- English tutoring was used by 1 child of our client.

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