I wanted to auction off graphics for charity

Jakub Macko, a young student, decided to help us at HOME in an unconventional way. He offered a Black Hole graphic called Petržalka for a charity auction. He donated the proceeds from the auction for helping people in need and so incredible sum of .... went to our budget at HOME, read for yourself.

How did you know about our organization Doma u Kapucínov and why did you decide to support it?

I didn't know about you at first. I wanted to auction off graphics for charity. I originally wanted to support another non-profit. But I consulted with my parents and they recommended you to me, as they are your regular donors. I also attend Mother Alexia's Grammar School, I am at the seventh grade (the third grade of the secondary school), I know the Capuchins in person, so I didn't speculate too much. I also looked at your instagram, where I could see that you could use some money well. So based on all that, I have decided.

I was also interested in the Black Holes project. I've heard something about it, but I would be glad if you could tell me more.

Slovakia is a country of forgotten industrial monuments and they create articles and make photos from these places available on the website www.ciernediery.sk. They try to inspire people for the history of old factories, mines and lost settlements. They document places that may not be seen by future generations. There are tens of them and they disappear before your eyes.

In addition to articles and photographs, they also create artistic graphics at the Risomat risographic printer in cooperation with tens of Slovak designers and artists. They also publish maps, magazines and books. They usually donate the profit from the sale to helping with the monuments.

I like that they address Slovak artists and process forgotten monuments. However, the graphics are not only showing forgotten monuments but also other interesting things. For example the meteorological station on Lomnický peak, the Slovak Radio building, the HighTatras mountain train “zubačka”, also Petržalka, which I donated to the auction, but also others.

Interestingly, their first book, which has been printed three times, is essentially inaccessible at present. The second book they published was printed only once, with all 850 pieces sold in one day. I think they won't publish any of them again.

Why did they decide to start auctioning graphics?

The journalist Zuzana Kovačič Hanzelová came up with the whole idea of auctioning graphics and books. She donated the first book to the auction and she then donated it to Vagus and Depaul. Two other donors contacted her and in this way the idea gradually developed and donors put it on their instagram profiles. Around € 30,000 has already been raised in this way.

And when the need arised to help in this situation, various donors began to help. Normally the Black Holes donate the money from the sale of such graphics to helping with monuments. Now, however, the money raised from the auctions is going to purposes connected with the corona crisis. The auctioneer, or the graphic donor decides where specifically to put the money.

What is so rare about these graphics?

Each is from a Slovak artist. They are made in a limited number of pieces. They are printed on a special and risographic printer Risomat, which is an old printing technique. I think it only prints one or two colors at a time. If they want to create a mixture of colors or a color they don't have, they have to load the paper into the printer several times, and not all the colors fit together. And so various inaccuracies sometimes arise in graphics.

The Black Holes collaborates with tens of Slovak designers and artists. Mine is from Alice Kucharovič from Piešťany. There are 50 pieces printed alltogether, but there are more or less of some graphics. At the beginning they cost 25 € and can be bought mostly in their e-shop. They used to sell them on the Good Market in Bratislava too. They then canceled it, because when it was sold on another market in Trnava, there were about 2,000 people in line to buy the graphics. Only one can be bought at a time. I bought it about six months ago directly from the author. But I didn't manage to frame it or hang it:). I believe that I will still have the opportunity to buy such graphics.

It's great that you decided to give the proceeds to a charity. How does the whole auction go if someone would consider it?

I haven't really thought about it for a long time. It made sense to me that it could raise a nice amount of money for a good purpose, in addition, other people did the same, so I went for it.

The auction lasted about a day in total. On Sunday I contacted the Black Holes that I would be interested in auctioning off my graphics. At that time, they had several donors and on Monday evening they told me that we could auction it off. It went until Tuesday night. When I put my graphics on Instagram and the Black Holes shared it, the amount immediately went to about 700 € and then the next day one donor offered 10 € more.

Can you say anything more about your graphics?

Petržalka has been transformed into a housing estate of prefabricated houses since 1973. The aim was to build as many flats as possible in the smallest possible area. The plans were designed by architects from all over the world, but in the end they were built regardless of the competition. The graphics is full of details that were created when layering colored areas. Somewhere the soy colors fit together exactly like panels, somewhere with flaws. The color transitions in the sky are especially significant.

Jakub, THANK YOU very much for your decision transferred into actions.

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