Protection DOMA (AT HOME) from the pandemic

This year's difficult situation caused by the pandemic has also affected the functioning of many non-profit organizations. For our NGO this meant the need to provide protective and disinfecting aids. In the first wave of the pandemic, we took care of our clients - people in need, to whom we provided protective face masks several times. For volunteers, the donor provided not only face masks, but also disinfection for hands, surfaces, disposable gloves and other things needed for disinfection. We also received a disposable face masks from the municipality and cloth face masks in cooperation with the Bratislava Volunteer Center, to which we donated fabrics. The organization Depaul also helped us with the supply of the face masks, which were sewed by the homeless people.

Gradually, however, we realized the need to provide protective equipment for a longer period of time, not just once. We sought help through donors, grant aid, the municipality or the Bratislava self-governing region. Finally, we managed to obtain funding from the appeal of the Bratislava-Dúbravka City District, which provided us with 1,600 EUR for the purchase of disposable gloves, face masks, antibacterial soap, hand and surface disinfectants, disinfection dispensers and tests for volunteers.

By this we would like to thank the Bratislava-Dúbravka City District for the provided funds, which will help us to protect our dedicated volunteers and an employee in the long term, and thus ensure the smooth running of the organization.

Thank you.

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